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little badge - Bigender by IrisHime little badge - Bigender by IrisHime
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Last stamp for a while, I think.

If you're unfamiliar with the term: bigender is a gender identity which generally means that you identify as two genders; bigender people can identify as both at the same time and/or they can go back and forth between two genders.
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BekaDavis Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know androgynous is different than being bigender, but I gotta say that androgynous individuals are dang beautiful. 
ExplosiveSquid Featured By Owner May 1, 2015
back and forth between two genders

What does this actually mean? Switching between "feminine" and "masculine" behavior?
Thanks, I guess. But what does it mean to feel like a certain gender? I state my gender as male, but I don't feel male. In fact, if anything, I identify more with females. But even still, I don't feel female, either. What does that mean? What does feeling like a specific gender feel like? I would personally feel fine with the body of either sex. I don't get how genitals can cause dysphoria. Why do genitals matter?

What changes for you when you your gender "changes"? Are you sure that it actually does change, or maybe you're just neither? What causes you to align with a specific gender at any given moment?

Finally, why do you have to switch? Why not just consider yourself a little bit of both? What's the difference?

(All serious questions.)
IrisHime Featured By Owner May 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
If you don't know what I'm talking about, then there's really no other way to explain it to you. Some human experiences are simply not transferable through words.

What does shift is the tonality with-which I carry myself. My state of mind, my perception of self. Again: the way that I feel. I certainly don't know what causes me to align  myself with a specific gender at any given moment, any more than any trans/queer-gender/NB person know, or any cis person knows what causes them to align themselves with their specific gender. But if you don't live with frustration, depression, anger, and a slew of other negative emotions over feeling mis-gendered then you should consider yourself lucky.

What I do know is that most days I feel as though I am male and I am stuck in a body with all the wrong parts and pieces. I've hated this body since I was maybe about 8 or 9 years old, basically because of 'ye old original plumbing'. This body has never felt like it was mine, and if I could change things, I would. In a heartbeat. And therein lies the difference: Would you want to change your physical sex at the push of a button? Not for curiosity, but permanently? Because I would. I'd hardly even have to stop and think about it.

And as for that last bit - plenty of bigender and genderfluid people do feel like a little bit of both. It even says that in the description above. You're kind of missing the point with that last one. Sometimes it is a bit of a mix. It's not that I 'have to' switch genders - I don't simply choose to feel male or female. For hell's sake, I've been burying avoiding and denying myself these feelings for 20-some-aught years, hoping the feeling would go away. But it never has.

I'm only just coming out as bigender, I'm only just going to start transitioning as presenting male. I'm only just beginning to navigate all of this myself. My life's a journey, just like anyone else's.

What has me curious though is why it matters to you so much. What validation do you get from demanding from someone else their reasoning for the way that they identify? I don't really get it. Guess if that's what it takes to boost your own ego then whatever, man. I just find it kind of petty and shallow when you're obviously being patronizing.
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