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MTT: Noir Jayden Hartigan by IrisHime MTT: Noir Jayden Hartigan by IrisHime


• Basic Information

• Name: Noir Jayden Hartigan
• Meaning: Noir -
A genre of crime film; fiction characterized by cynicism, fatalism, and moral ambiguity.
• Nickname:
• Title:
The Uncoloured Sleuth

• Species: MTT
• Saliva Flavor:
Currant Berry
• Gender:
• Age: 36

• Alignment: Lawful Neutral
• Occupation:
Homicide Detective, JPD
• Birthday: February 26th

• Sign:
• Sexual Preference:


• Physical Information

• Height: 6’4” | 5’5”
• Weight:
249 lbs. | 390 lbs.
• Hair Color:
• Eye Color: Pale Burgundy
• Piercings: None

• Scars:

-slice-like scar along left lip

• Body Type:
Cut, Fit
• Dominant Hand: Right

• Relationship Information

• Marital Status: Unwed
• Currently Dating:
Nines LaCroix
• Father:
Pitch Hartigan
• Mother:
Nancy Hartigan
• Cousin To:
Jackknife Hartigan
• Would-Be Father Figure To:
Judge Dredge
• Former Boyfriend To:
Marionette Veejault [deceased]
• Friends:
open to suggestions


• Character Traits

• + Traits: extremely observant, cool under pressure, compassionate, good listener, extremely patient, forgiving, and persevering
• - Traits: can appear cold/unfeeling or disinterested in other people’s problems, does have a temper when pushed, doesn’t enjoy being social; reclusive, has a bad habit of not being able to let a case (or a crook) go

• Likes:
catching a killer, poetry, literature, cars, opera, buddy-cop films
• Dislikes:
when guys rough up dames, walking into a crime scene, irresponsible people, loud people, and corrupt/dirty cops
• Hobbies/Interest:
Poker, drinking, reading, golf, driving, people watching
• Phobias/Fears:

Agrizoophobia: Fear of wild animals
-Fears having a heart attack/heart failure

• Smoker:
• Drinker:

• Miscellaneous

• Accent: Has a New York Accent
Favorite drink: Grape soda
Favorite food:  A Burger and Fries, or well made Lasagna

• Preferred Hours:
Early Bird



Noir has a rather serious, no-nonsense type of personality. He does know how to cut back and have a laugh every once in a while, but generally speaking he has a stern demeanor that tends to put other people off from speaking with him for very long. He prefers to keep people at a distance, and tries not to get involved in drama that doesn’t concern him, but despite the somewhat reserved and un-invested personality, he does care deeply about what is wrong and what is right. At the end of the day, he’s just trying to make the world a better place.


Noir’s father played a very important role in Noir’s life, and shaping the kind of person he was to become. Pitch Hartigan worked as a police officer in the JPD. He was a hard-working and forthright kind of man, with a strong sense of justice that Noir seems to have inherited. His father passed away unexpectedly of a heart-attack when Noir was 16, and so much of his life has been spent in trying to follow in his father’s footsteps and take care of his mother.

Noir became a law-enforcement officer shortly after graduating, scoring high marks in all of his police academy training. He always seemed to be trying to take on more than he could chew, and determined to fix all the world’s problems all by himself.

At 25 he met a young Yol woman, a waitress—Marionette Veejault—with an abusive ex-boyfriend. He got in a bar fight with said ex when the man wouldn’t leave her alone, and laid the guy out flat—but not before taking a swing to the face with a busted beer bottle. The scar left behind has, in later years, come to solidify the notion around the precinct that Noir is the type of person who is “a bit rough around the edges”. Marionette felt as though the scar made him look roguish, and either way she was rather grateful to him. The two hit it off well, and she remained his girlfriend for about a year and a half until she vanished quite suddenly, out of the blue. No warning, no change of address, no nothing. Noir searched everywhere for her, both on the clock and off, and even broke her ex’s nose, believing he might have had something to do with it, but Marionette was never to be seen again. Although he cannot say for sure, Noir has always expected the meat market as responsible for Marionette’s disappearance.

After this, Noir’s personality began to slowly harden and change. Not specifically because he was angry, but simply as a means of dealing with the path in his career that he chose to take next; after being unable to close Marionette’s case in a manner that he found satisfactory, Noir decided to take the exams to become a detective and worked hard for a promotion, eventually earning himself a position in homicide.

One of the first real cases Noir was assigned to involved the death of a Yol construction worker—Bailiff Dredge—who had been found in a river. The Misses was emotionally devastated by the news and left in a permanent state of catatonia, and her children were both deeply impacted as well. The daughter’s personality became seemingly fractured, and the son began bottling emotions and bearing signs of physical abuse. Because Noir never was able to solve this case, he feels a deep amount of responsibility to the family and frequently stops by the Dredge household in order check in on them. If anything he feels the most strongly committed to trying to be a good role model for the son—Judge—as he is well aware of what it’s like to lose a father at an early age. Judge doesn’t seem to enjoy having anything to do with him, but Noir comes by just the same.

Now, at 36, Noir is a seasoned detective in homicide, with several solved cases and caught killers beneath his belt. He works diligently at his job, even if over the years it has changed his optimism and disposition a little. Underneath it all though, he’s still a very moral person with a strong sense of duty and justice. He is also strongly concerned wih the general welfare of others, even if he doesn’t want to be personally involved in everyone else's business.

Very recently Noir’s life has become a little more hectic and social than it has been in the past:

His previous partner of several years has recently retired, leading him to be assigned to a new partner, Nines LaCroix. The two of them seem to get along well, if a little too well for Noir’s taste, since after Marionette Noir had promised himself that he’d never date a Yol again. But after some fumbling, kissing, romancing, and testing out the waters Noir will go on to break that promise to himself and begin dating Nines, who is two years his senior.

On the other hand, Noir’s younger cousin, Jackknife, has recently shown up on his doorstep, a college drop out looking for a place to stay while he gets his life back in order. Jackknife is 12 years younger than Noir, and their personalities are quite different. With both of these men suddenly being thrown into his life, and at nearly the exact same time, Noir is experiencing a bit of turbulence in trying to get things balanced between his home life and work life in a way that he’s never really had to juggle it before.

Although it does not particularly concern him, Noir will still occasionally pays Marionette’s younger sister, Mannequin Veejault, small visits in which he leaves her a bit of money to ‘take care of herself’ with, since currently she is involved in prostitution.

Noir does not speak of it often, but secretly has a fear of having a heart attack or experiencing some kind of heart failure, due to what happened to his father.


Aw yeah, lookit me! getting a reference for Noir finished and posted! I feel so proud of myself! 8'D
aaaaah, actually it's kind of a 'lazy' reference in the sense that the only lines which were done by me are the lines for the saliva. The dragon lines were done by Zukuro and the human form lines are a base from ElephantWendigo.

But anyways, this is Noir! Hope you guys like him. He's been a rather active muse lately. Those of you out there with killers best beware, because Noir is on the case. >:3

gonna start knocking out commissions in the next coming weeks, but I definitely wanted to get this posted while I could.

This MTT was obtained with Ann's permission, via my privileges to make unlimited MTT.

© annicron
Noir Jayden Hartigan/Judge Dredge
© IrisHime
Nines LaCroix/Marionette Veejault/Mannequin Veejault
© Evios
JackKnife Hartigan 
© Meemzer
MTT lines
- © Zukuro
male base -
© ElephantWendigo

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BlazeDeNosferatu Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my gosh! lookit this pretty babe!! I love the name!!<3333
I love the simplicity of his design, plus I am a sucker for red/white/black designs!!<333
and omfg those ears are just love! :D great work on this beb Iris!! <333
Elemes Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man - oh man oh man oh man - Ceinwen could actually get along with this guy. :D 

They should be friendssss - er aquaintencesssss - and Ceinwen is going to go back to the bureau so... They could know each other via all them murders :D (happy sort of thought, isn't it...) 
ArkanFire Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Oh wow! What a cool character! I love his design and awesome work on his personality/history. I love that he likes buddy-cop films, that's adorable! :heart:
ChaosDemonXXXAngel Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty simple design wise but i like it.
IrisHime Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks. :3
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IrisHime Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :3 I really like simple designs as well. Some of the simpler designs around the group are my favorites. But I have a hard time making really simple designs, personally, so Noir's design was a major challenge for me. but in the end, I am really happy with the wya that he looks. :3
Voscian Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to agree with you on that! I tried with Thief and Tangent, but instead got their lovely designs. I'm happy with them anyways! ouo 
Ravean Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Looooooooove his colors and demeanor. He's so cool. Like a cucumber.
IrisHime Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm really happy with his colours as well. And yeah, he has a cool demeanor. like a cucumber. |D
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